• Bucket Filling

    Brekke Dolphins are Bucket Fillers!

    The idea of being a bucket filler is based on the book How Full Is Your Bucket? For Kids.  The book illustrates the idea that we all have an invisible bucket that contains our feelings.  When our bucket is full we feel happy and when our bucket is empty we feel sad.  At Brekke we use the idea of bucket filling to build upon our Dolphin Pride, encourage students to be upstanders not bystanders, and promote kindness and resiliency in our students.  

    Bucket Filling Key Terms

    Bucket Filler- A bucket filler does and says kind things to show others they care.

    Bucket DipperA bucket dipper hurts others feelings by saying or doing unkind things intentionally or unintentionally.

    Your Lid- Your lid may be used as a shield to block others from dipping from your bucket.