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    (G) Procedure for Safe Ingress and Egress of Pupils, Parents, and Staff to and from School (EC 35294.2)


    (G) Procedure for Safe Ingress and Egress of Pupils, Parents, and Staff to and from School (EC 35294.2)

    Gang-related apparel is defined as apparel that can reasonably determine to threaten the health and safety of the school environment if it were worn or displayed on a school campus (Education Code 35294.1) 

    California Education Code Title V, Section 302: A pupil who goes to school without proper attention having been given to personal cleanliness or neatness of dress, may be sent home to be properly prepared for school, or shall be required to prepare himself for the schoolroom before entering.

    The purpose of the dress standard shall be to ensure a safe and secure environment in which to offer a quality education. All students at Thurgood Marshall will be held to the Thurgood Marshall dress code policy. Students who violate the dress code policy will be asked to fix inappropriate clothing by changing it into appropriate clothing. Students can call parents or guardians to bring appropriate clothing to school and change, to adhere to the school’s dress code policy.

    The school dress codes are regularly reviewed by the School Site Council and/or the School Safety Committee following the board's education policies.

         • All clothing shall be neat, clean, and acceptable and shall be worn within the bounds of decency as appropriate for school.  
         • Students may not wear clothing or hairstyles that will be disruptive to the educational process.
         • Attire that expresses racial, ethnic, sexual, or religious disrespect is not allowed at Thurgood Marshall.
         • Displays or promotions of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs are also unacceptable.   
         • Gang attire: black shorts and long white socks are not allowed.
         • Spiked jewelry, safety pins, wallet chains, wheelie shoes and other items that present a safety hazard are prohibited.
         • Cell phones must be turned off and in backpacks during school hours.
         • Oversized clothing is inappropriate and must not create a safety hazard during physical activity. Pants must be worn, so underwear does not show.  
         • Shirts/blouses/tops and dresses must cover the stomach, the chest, and underwear at all times.
         • Strapless, spaghetti straps(less than one inch), and low-cut shirts are not allowed. 
         • Close-toed shoes need to be worn by all students every day.
         • Hats, caps, hoods, and sun visors may be worn outside for protection from the sun. 
         • Professional sports team attire is not allowed.


    The Marshall Dress Code is outlined in the Site Comprehensive Safety Plan and approved by the Oxnard School District annually.  The dress code is also provided to Marshall's middle school students and parents at the beginning of the year in the Back to School Packet.

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