Vision and Mission:

  • Vision:

    Changing the World! 
    Inspired, Accomplished, Multilingual Global Citizens – In School and Beyond
    In Oxnard School District, we nurture self-confident and empowered multilingual global citizens, strong in their multiple identities and potential, who achieve inspired levels of individual, community, and social accomplishment in school and beyond in their endeavors.



    IGNITE students’ passions for learning and empower them to achieve brilliance.
    TRANSFORM our classroom and school expectations, relationships, and practices to more fully align with our values.
    NURTURE caring communities that develop students’ full identities, linguistic/cultural/academic excellence, social-emotional health, and life potential.
    EMBRACE high-leverage services and approaches that translate our values into action.


    OSD Student Profile infographic, text is in the link


    Empoderar a todos los alumnos para que logren la excelencia


    /h2>Asegurar una educación culturalmente diversa para todo el alumnado en un ambiente seguro, saludable y propicio que les prepare para la Universidad y el acceso a oportunidades para desarrollar una carrera profesional.


    Student profile is in the link.