Mission And Vision

  • Our vision for Christa McAuliffe, the STEAM Education School, is to be a school that partners with families and the community to celebrate our cultural diversity and guarantee that all students will become productive and ethical citizens who can contribute to our society. Our STEAM focus on science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics fosters a culture of success and brings 21st-century inquiry-based learning into the classroom for all our students. It is our goal to provide a safe, nurturing, positive learning environment, which implements an engaging and rigorous common core curriculum while fostering self-esteem, leadership development and mutual respect for all students and staff. Each McAuliffe student will develop higher level thinking skills through an understanding that all living things in our marine environment have an interdependent relationship. Students will expand their creative potential through enriching STEAM activities that support this understanding at every grade level, Transitional Kindergarten through the fifth grade.

    McAuliffe School is committed to the following:

    • Educate confidently with a positive attitude and enthusiasm with respect for students, parents, and each other
    • To inform and provide differentiated instruction to ensure that all students are given learning opportunities in all content areas using continual analysis of data throughout the year
    • Communicate and collaborate as a member of a team, being open to new ideas, and reflecting on our practices to continue our growth as professionals
    • Ensure all students are able to access the common core curriculum by building foundational skills that lead to college and career readiness
    • Creating an environmentally responsible campus to Attend professional development that enhances our understanding of research-based common core practices
    • Participate in reciprocal collaboration to reflect, enhance, and advance instructional practices