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Enhanced Master Construct Program

Welcome to the Oxnard School District’s (District) Enhanced Master Construct Program website.  This website is intended to provide information on the District’s facilities improvement program, including background information, an archive of documents relating to the bond programs and proposed events and milestones.

The District’s Board of Trustees (Board) adopted the Enhanced Master Construct Program in June 2022, and further funded the facilities program with the successful passage of Measure I in November 2022.  The enhanced Program builds upon the original Master Construct Program commenced in 2012 under Measure R and further expanded with the passage of Measure D in 2016.  The District has adopted specifications for 21st Century Learning Environments to guide the reconfiguration of its K-5, K-8 and 6-8 school facilities in phases. The overall goal is to reconstruct older schools, improve or replace support facilities, extend its grade configuration to 4-year-old students, and replace portable classrooms with permanent facilities wherever possible.

To date, the Program continues to be subject to Board review and adjustment as needed on a semi-annual basis.  The Program is also subject to annual independent financial audits from District auditors and from the various independent citizen’s oversight committees as to actual and planned program expenditures. To date, there have been no negative findings from the District’s auditors or oversight committees as to the positive performance of the program.