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Kindergarten & Science Lab Reconfigurations

The Board of Trustees approved the implementation of Extended Day Kindergarten across the District beginning in August 2014 as part of the grade reconfiguration.  Subsequently the Board approved educational specifications for all future District school facilities that identify a requirement of four (4) kindergarten classrooms at all K-5 and K-8 schools, each room consisting of approximately 1,120 square feet, with a student restroom inside the classroom, as well as a teacher’s work room of approximately 200 square feet for every two (2) kindergarten classrooms.  Approved Educational Specifications also identify a requirement for 1,200 square foot science labs at the K-8 and Middle School sites, with a 200 square foot prep room to be provided for every two (2) science labs.

This project was developed to encompass all required kindergarten and science lab reconfigurations required to accommodate the District’s desire to implement grade level reconfiguration across the entire District beginning August 2014.

To meet this requirement, Caldwell Flores Winters, Inc.  reviewed the existing conditions and capacity of all sites with the District Superintendent and staff, and identified particular sites that required facility improvements to accommodate the grade reconfiguration.

Improvement needs to eight sites were identified including kindergarten reconfiguration improvements to Brekke, McAuliffe, and Ritchen as well as science lab improvements to Chavez, Curren, Kamala, Haydock, and Fremont.

The design and construction team included Dougherty & Dougherty as architect and Vanir as construction manager.  The project was completed in Summer 2015.