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RJ Franks Robotics wins Golden Gear Award at STEMtastic from VC STEM!

VC Stem

Winner of the 2017 VC STEM Golden Gear Award

For our RJ Frank Robotics Program!



The Robotics class at RJ Frank develops student understanding of the design process by practicing mechanical, electrical and computer engineering skills.  Students enhance their problem solving skills by working on engineering challenges with collaborative groups throughout the year. This includes gear ratios and basic mechanisms.  By the end of the first trimester, students are able to utilize the design process collaboratively to solve challenges incorporating simple mechanisms.  Robotics 1 students increasingly gain experience with more complicated machines and more complex coding. 

Students that sign up for the 8th grade Robotics 2 course become the core of our traveling team and actively compete in Vex Robotic Challenges around the county.  This year we are proud to share that our new program has exceeded expectations by winning the Excellence Award at Oak Park and qualifying for the state championship March 11th in Pomona.  Our girls’ competition team is sending two teams to the March 25th showcase at Thousand Oaks. 

Students are involved in forming groups for competitions.  These groups include drive team, pit maintenance, team reconnaissance and game reconnaissance.  Team etiquette is reviewed and emphasized as judges constantly observe how professional team members are as they interact with other groups.  Scouting out other teams is crucial as our team needs to know how we match up, and who we want to partner with during team competitions.



Mark Urwick