What to do when your student cannot remember their PIN?

image It is an unfortunate reality that with all the username, passwords, links, codes that students need to remember in this day and age of technology in the classroom that there will often be times they lose or cannot remember to how to access one of their accounts. The best way to deal with this and keep students on task and lower your stress level is to understand how best to get students logged in quickly despite this obstacle.

Once students have logged in once to the StudySync app they only have to remember a 4 digit PIN code. Invariable they will lose or forget this code. All students have to do is log into StudySync on the web, check their profile for a new app key, and then enter that app key into the StudySync app. At this point they will be asked to create a new PIN code. This is an opportune time to record this PIN code for future reference. Don't worry, all their assignments and work will still be there, no data is lost.

Another good idea to save time is to make the link to the ConnectED/StudySync log in page easily accessable. You could add it as a shortcut on their device, add it to your Google or Edmodo classroom, and even write it on the board or add it to student agendas.

Here is a link to a tutorial outlining the process: Tutorial - How to Reset StudySync PIN