Superintendent Update #5

Posted by Oxnard School District on 7/23/2020 4:00:00 PM

Greetings Oxnard School District Community,

 We want to assure you that while we are beginning the instructional year through full distance learning, all students will be provided high quality instruction.

 This letter is to share with you the details we are working on to start the year successfully using the guidelines of Senate Bill 98 (SB98). Instruction will be student-centered, providing equity and access, ensuring the safety of everyone.  

 Oxnard School District will include the following components for distance learning:

  • Regular Schedules for students and teachers
  • Instruction will happen during the instructional day
  • Attendance must be maintained
  • Grading will focus on standards
  • Schedules and details for distance learning are in development at this time
  • Daily live instruction
  • Content aligned to grade level standards at a quality equivalent to in-person
  • Access to technology and devices
  • Academic supports for students who have special needs
  • Designated and integrated ELD
  • Special education services


Attendance matters. Students who are absent will be marked absent.

Grades matter. Students will receive grades for every grading period.

 To support distance learning, teachers will use Canvas as an online classroom platform. This was selected to provide consistency across the district.  There will be trainings offered to teachers, parents and students. The program was selected to build a good school to home connection, to increase communication, for ease of use, and support for implementation for teaching staff.

 Distance learning will include synchronous, asynchronous, and independent practice. These are defined as follows:

  • Synchronous learning
    • Real time
    • Face-to-face meetings via Zoom, chat or phone
  • Asynchronous learning
    • Happens on your schedule
    • Activities are provided for reading, lectures for viewing, projects for completing, and exams for evaluation
    • Access and satisfy these requirements within a flexible time frame
  • Independent Practice
    • Work completed with little to no assistance
    • Reinforce skills and synthesize their newly acquired knowledge
    • Completed away from the teacher's direct guidance
    • Software based activities (Accelerated Reader, MyOn, ST Math, Lexia,…)

 SB98 Mandates

  • 180 instructional days
  • Document daily attendance
    • Missed instruction is an absence
    • LEA must plan to document chronic absenteeism
  • Daily attendance may include:
    • Online activities
    • Completion of regular assignments
    • Contact between teacher, student and/or parent
  • Instructional Minutes (43501)
    • 180 instructional minutes in TK and K.
    • 230 instructional minutes in grades 1 to 3, inclusive
    • 240 instructional minutes in grades 4 to 12, inclusive
  • LEA shall ensure a weekly engagement record verifying participation
  • School shall regularly communicate with parents/guardians regarding academic progress

 For more details on instruction please watch the Webinar on the Instructional Framework provided by Dr. Ana DeGenna, Assistant Superintendent of Education Services.

 Planning Ahead

As we progress forward in the school year, we will assess when it is the right time to return students to campus.

 Our next messages will include details of a sample daily schedule and when schools will communicate information about the start of instruction.

 Future updates will be posted on the News tab on the Oxnard School District web page

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email:

 Stay Healthy,

Dr. Karling Aguilera-Fort