Meal Distribution Announcement:

Hello Ritchen Families. Posted below are flyers for the meal distribution. During this first week, food boxes will be distributed on Wednesday August 19th. The box will include 5 breakfast meals and 5 lunch meals.

Starting the week of August 24th, meal distribution will be on Tuesday (2 breakfast and 2 lunch meals) and Thursday (3 breakfast and 3 lunch meals).

Please keep in mind that there will be no meal distribution at Ritchen Elementary. Meal distribution will happen at the following schools sites only:

DRIFFILL SCHOOL: 910 South E Street
FRANK ACADEMY: 701 North Juanita Avenue
FREMONT ACADEMY: 1130 North M Street
HARRINGTON SCHOOL: 451 East Olive Street
LEMONWOOD SCHOOL: 2001 San Mateo Place
MARSHALL SCHOOL: 2900 Thurgood Marshall
MCKINNA SCHOOL: 1600 South N Street
RAMONA SCHOOL: 804 Cooper Road